Rokko's Grill

Project Details

Rokko's Grill is a project that was designed for personal portfolio use to demonstrate a restaurant website concept. The site is broken down into six major sections to make it easier for the user to identify information quickly and easier.

  • Header - Allows the user to quickly access links and importation information that he/she might be looking for.
  • Slide Show - Catches the users attention immediately and used to display current promotions/news.
  • Favorite Dishes - Displays local favorite dishes with name, picture, short description and price of each dish.
  • Testimonials - A cycling slider of testimonials submitted by previous visitors displaying their comments and rating.
  • Upcoming Events - Three upcoming events post with the event name, description, date and picture.
  • Footer - Standard footer that allows users to quickly find information about the resturant and a little about paragraph for SEO purposes.


Planning vs Finished

Rokkos Grill Planning Layout
Rokkos Grill Full Website

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